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Most offers to purchase your home will require some negotiating to come to a win-win agreement. You real estate agent is well versed on the intricacies of the contracts used in your area and will protect your best interest throughout the bargaining. Your agent also knows what each contract clause means, what you will net from the sale and what areas are easiest to negotiate. Your agent will review the written offer with you to make sure you thoroughly understand what the buyers are offering and what they are asking you for in return.

Some negotiable items might be :

  • Closing costs
  • House Repairs
  • Appliances and fixtures
  • Garden and Landscaping
  • Painting or colors of the home interior or exterior
  • Appliances and furnishings that will stay with the home
  • Occupancy time frame and more

Once both parties have agreed on the terms of the home sale, your real estate agent will prepare a legal contract. Remember; bargaining is not a winner-take-all deal. This is a business process that involves compromise and mutual respect.

Every state has different rules and regulations that need to be followed during house selling process.

I will help you and walk you through every step of your Dallas home selling process. I make sure that you feel comfortable with this transaction and sell your Dallas house, condo or town home easily.

Please feel free to use home selling steps as your home selling check list during your Dallas homes selling process.

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