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Your next objective should be to determine the best possible selling price for your dallas house. You will need to take into account the state of the local housing market, current mortgage rates, the condition of your home and sales of comparable homes in your neighborhood.

It is often hard to maintain a non-biased view of your property or real estate, so you will want to gather the necessary information in the most objective way possible. It is hard to be objective most of the time because you just painted the home by yourself, put the fence last year during your vacation time, your kids painted their rooms, you chose the color of the countertops etc. you are emotionally attached to your home.

If you want a truly objective opinion about the price of your home or you have a custom home that you cannot think about the pricing, it might be a good idea to have an appraisal done. This may cost between $400 and $600. You can contact me for my recommendations for certified professionals used by my previous clients.

I will set up an objective FREE CMA Comparative Market Analysis for your home to determine the Right Price for current Dallas real estate market. You will see sold, expired, cancel, active in option period, pending homes and all status changes in your neighborhood. It will show you comparable homes, how much they sold for and how long it took them to sold in your neighborhood. I will compare all the facts and find your home pricing strategy.

Let me give you a home selling secret. Be reasonable about the price you set because right pricing your house is essential to getting it sold fast. All you need is one buyer with the right finances and liking your dallas house or property. You will always be better off setting a fair market value for your dallas real estate price than setting your price too high. Today’s Real estate market almost every potential dallas home buyer is looking for good priced homes and willing to consider nearby cities or counties.

If your dallas home or condo stays on the market too long because it is overpriced, potential home buyers may think that something was wrong with your property and you may end up selling your house for less than what you could have gotten if you had started out with a realistic asking price.

Please feel free to use home selling steps as your home selling check list during your Dallas homes selling process.

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