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As the closing date (otherwise known as settlement or escrow) for your new Dallas home or condo draws nea,r you will need to be in contact with the escrow company and your lender to make sure all necessary documents are being prepared and will be delivered to the correct location on the appropriate date.

Find out what form of payment you will need to bring to the closing for any unpaid fees. Make sure that your payment is made out to the appropriate party. Ensure that your payment is ready as a certified check or cashier check for your closing. Most buyers believe that they can pay the closing fees with cash, credit card or with a personal check. But these methods of payment are not acceptable during closing transaction.

I make sure to cover all the details before closing, talk with escrow officer, assistants, and listing agent to make sure everything is ready for our closing time. I will also set up your last walk through to the property before go to the closing. I will also get your keys for your new home so that you can enjoy right after the closing process

With the use of title companies you preferred or listed in your contract, buyers and sellers don't even have to be in the same room to close a deal. Typically closing takes place in different times of the day. Thanks to computer automation, signed paperwork can be delivered overnight to both parties.

Finally everything and everybody is ready for your New Dallas home closing time. I can also assist you with the key contacts that will be handy when owning your Dallas, Frisco, Plano or McKinney home, condo or town home.

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