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After your offer is accepted for your new Dallas home, You have your contract. I will help you coordinate the activities of service providers and serve as your advocate when working with them. I make sure these vendors have access to the property to perform their procedures in timely manner and will oversee the execution of those procedures on your behalf.

One service you may need is a home examination. An inspection by a TX state certified home inspector of the property, the foundation, and the surrounding environmental may be needed to make sure the property meets the standards set forth in your written agreement. If there are issues or inconsistencies brought to light during this time, it may delay or even nullify the contract. After the inspection report, if there is something that needs to be fixed by seller, we will send amendment to the seller. Most of the actions are at this point time is of essence.

Home Insurance is another item that will need to be taken care of. Experts recommend you obtain title insurance equal to the full replacement value of the home. This kind of insurance is purchased at closing and protects the buyers in the unlikely event that the title to the property becomes invalid.

Homeowners insurance protects against theft, fire and liabilities.

Home Flood insurance is generally only necessary for flood-prone areas. The federal government issues this kind of insurance. In addition to aforementioned types of insurance, you may want additional assurance for your new home.

Home warranties are one way to protect yourself after you buy. Warranties for new homes protect against plumbing, wiring and structural defects. Existing home warranties may cover things like major appliances and structural problems.

Having these procedures done in a timely and professional manner is a must. Investigate each service provider to make sure they are reputable and have a clean operational history.

I will make sure that you have answers for your entire Dallas home buying process. We will go together step by step safely.

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